• Photo of grill ready items on display

    Grill Ready

    It’s that time of year!  Time to fire up the old grill and cook up some family dinner memories.  We have lots of delicious ready to grill items, including steaks, chops and several varieties of kabobs.

  • Photo of Akaushi beef

    Wagyu Beef

    Wagyu beef is consistently graded above USDA Prime in marbling content. It’s healthier due to its unique fatty acid composition and is superior in taste and tenderness when compared to other domestic beef.

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Cimarron Meat Company is a Tulsa meat market that focuses on all natural, antibiotic free with no added hormones beef, pork, buffalo and lamb and free range chicken as well as locally grown dairy products. We want to provide our customers the freshest and best natural products available, and we do so in an old fashioned butcher shop environment where customer service is a top priority.

Protein is an essential element of a healthy diet, and as Americans our favorite source of protein is meat. Whether it’s a big juicy grass fed beef steak, some tender smoked ribs, or a delicious grilled chicken breast, meat is a big part of our daily diet. How important it is then, that we make sure the meat we get is healthy, and does not contain drugs or other chemicals that can harm us or our families.

All too often meat producers use hormones to enhance the size of their animals. Additionally, because they are often raised in unclean conditions, the cattle are given antibiotics to keep them alive and allow their bodies to fight off infection and disease. Unfortunately, these harsh chemicals remain in the meat that is delivered to consumers, and produce unnecessary risk to those who handle and eat the meat.

At Cimarron Meat Company, we provide naturally raised meat that has not been treated with hormones and antibiotics. Our meat is raised right here in the northeast Oklahoma area by neighbors that we know and trust to provide us with the best, so that we can provide you with the best. So whether you are buying some delicious grass fed beef steaks to grill for your family or some fresh made sausage or lunch meat, you can rest assured that the meat you get is all natural and chemical free.